• Mortal Astronauts presenting

    Mortal Astronauts presenting

    Thieves & Pickpockets:
    The Silent Histories of Unionizing

    Mortal Astronauts is a study program, a compendium of research materials, a series of community meetings and a parliament of things. Grounded on an expanded field of action, it will use shared spaces and gradually evolve through collective work. Acknowledg- ing dependency models, the program will be born out of connec- tions. Collaborators from all fields of production, artistic and not, will constantly evolve its’ activities and processes.

    Conceived as a nomadic structure, it will assume various forms throughout its future iterations, hosted in different institutions, spaces and contexts. It will remain resiliant to definitions and behave on the basis of inclusion and discourse.

    The program’s first iteration will form a series of public encounters and open meet ups under the title ‘Thieves & Pickpockets: The Silent Histories of Unionizing’. These events consist of collective readings, lectures, a podcast, screenings, a colloquium open to all students, and a showing. First research materials include Dana Kopel’s seminal essay “Against Artsploitation”, a close reading fo- cusing on the politics of passing in the poetry of C. P. Cavafy and a lecture on science fiction titled “Mermaids Washed Up on Shore”.

    The program will unroll at selected venues and online. The first collaborators include the Academy of Fine Arts Mainz. All research materials will be collected and archived. Mortal Astronauts are produced by Haris Giannouras.

    07.11., 21.11., 05.12., 19.12., 09.01., 23.01. 14:00-16:00
    at the Hörsaal, Kunsthochshule Mainz


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