• Performance Workshop ‘Gut Feelings & Fuming‘ with Dafna Maimon

    02 /11/2021 – 04 /11/2021

    Dafna Maimon – ‘Gut Feelings & Fuming‘ Performance Workshop

    In addition to her artist talk on tuesday, 2 November 2021, the students of the Kunsthochschule Mainz are warmly invited to participate in the performance workshop ‘Gut Feelings & Fuming“.

    Gut Feelings & Fuming
    The workshop will utilize an embodied sensorial exploration of the digestive system, uncovering the character and qualities of one of the human body’s hardest working systems, as a means to create content and a score for a one-person performance. The human digestive system has recently been dubbed “the second brain” due to its vast network of neurons that has a profound role not just in our digestion, but our mental health as well. Additionally, the microbiome residing within our guts, consisting of trillions and trillions of microbes, (including bacteria, archaea, viruses, and fungi) forces us to reconsider our own existence in the world as non-singular entities.
    Through somatic exercises stemming from Body-Mind Centering, recent scientific texts on the human digestive system, and drawing, we will dive into the digestive system, hear it out, and give it its own voice. We will play with themes of “what we take in and what we let go of” as a digesting entity in the world. From this profoundly philosophical space deep within our bodies, we will allow an embodied knowledge to fume through us into a one-person performance monologue, rant, choreography, or score. The workshop will be very playful and focus on generating an embodied process as its central goal, where the final performance is a means for exploration.

    Workshop materials:
    Various Food materials
    Drawing supplies (pastels, crayons, pencils, charcoal)
    Large brown paper roll or sheets (A0 minimum)
    Paper tape

    The workshop will take place at
    Zeichenklasse Megan Francis Sullivan,
    Boppstraße 26a,
    Hinterhaus 3. Stock
    55118 Mainz

    Open to students at all levels. There is a maximum of 10 participants.
    Registration via mail at tschne06@students.uni-mainz.de

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