• attracted by abstractions / fin des travaux le… Julien Hübsch @ POKY

    attracted by abstractions / fin des travaux le… Julien Hübsch @ POKY

    15/03/ – 19/03/21

    The time has come!

    475 days after we first touched the material POKY is build of, we are now having our last exhibition / performance! The entire project has been a hybrid in its character – a curatorial sculpture, performance, project space, a common story: A body that appears for a period of time and then disappears again. Now we want to celebrate its disappearance with a special performance.

    For POKY’s last hurrah, we invited Julien Hübsch to deal with the dismantling of POKY in a curatorial artistic way. From the 15. —19. March, he will take down POKY’s architecture step by step with different artistic interventions and in collaboration w/ Ruben Brückel on day one. This performative de-construction will be at a standstill every day at 4 pm. POKY’s fragmented state can then be visited until the next day when work on the construction site starts again.

    Julien Hübsch works and lives in Mainz/Luxemburg. He studies at Kunsthochschule Mainz with Shannon Bool. In his work he often draws inspiration from urban landscapes like construction sites and looks at all kinds of mark making. On that basis he explores how these forms, colors and artifacts create compositions or relate to abstract painting. His works seem like remnants of an abstracted urban space ranging from painting, assemblage to sculptural installation.
    His work was already shown among others at Salon du CAL, TUFA Trier, Galerie Schlassgoart in Esch-sur-Alzette and is currently on view at CAW Walferdange. His work is also being featured in the collection of the Luxembourg City Museums as of last year.

    POKY — Institute of Contemporary Art (*2019, Mainz)
    ist eine kuratorische Skulptur und ein Projektraum in Mainz (DE). Das nur 9 qm große Institut ist ein miniaturhafter Ort für Kunst, welcher als experimentelle Fläche für ortsspezifische Arbeiten und Inszenierungen von lokalen als auch internationalen Künstler*innen dient.

    Gegründet von Julia Gerke und Alina Röbke.
    Team: Julien Hübsch und Katrin Nicklas


    Institute of Contemporay Art
    c/o Kunsthochschule Mainz
    Am Taubertsberg 6
    55122 Mainz