• Hilton Hotel, Room Nr. 117

    Hilton Hotel, Room Nr. 117

“it’s all over the globe. And apparently every single hotel looks the same”
“okay. No exit to city this way maybe”
“little bit”
“it’s funny, like there’s nothing else in that little space”
“no just ice”
“the ice room”
“there is a casino”
“ahh nice”

    Noa Torres, Isabella Angioni, Bjarka Dea, Toni Roberto Salazar, Asger Tarp, Rosa Quistorff and William Mathiasen at Room 117 in the Hilton Hotel Mainz City, Münsterstraße 11.

    10th February 2023, 6pm – midnight

    The room is accessible via key card until the evening of the following day, Saturday the 11th. Make sure to see it before it closes.

    Hilton Hotel Mainz City
    Münsterstraße 11
    55116 Mainz