• façades, Gruppenausstellung im New Now art space in Frankfurt

    façades, Gruppenausstellung im New Now art space in Frankfurt

    7. Oktober 2022 / 18:00

    Artjom Chepovetskyy · Danijel Sijakovic · Marcel Friedrich Weber

     „A façade is generally the front part or exterior of a building. It is a loan word from the French façade, which in turn comes from the Italian facciata, from faccia meaning ‚face‘, ultimately from post-classical Latin facia.
    In the architectural context, façade often refers to a non-structural part of the building. It is more of a skin that transports an image to the outside. A second meaning of the term is related to human communication and self-expression: A person’s façade is the image that one presents to others.

    The three artistic positions look at facades, skins and surfaces, enveloping structures. They are looking behind the image, reveal the view behind the process of creating an image. Light that shines through material. Transparent fabrics. Moulds and the inside of a cast.

    So how deep – one might ask – is the surface?“

    New Now art space
    Schwedlerstraße 1-5
    5th Floor. Room 5-15
    60314 Frankfurt