• Vortragreihe Sommersemester 2022, Anna Virnich,

    Vortragreihe Sommersemester 2022, Anna Virnich,

    21/06/22, 18.30 Uhr

    Anna Virnich, Künstlerin, Berlin
    Werkvortrag/Artists Lecture

    Anna Virnich’s work draws on a wide range of materials and formal references. The textile tableaus however mark the center of her multi-media practice. Her approach to painting is unconventional in that it to the biggest extend involves the rejection of paint itself in favor of textiles reflecting a history of use, and renouncing its traditional support – the canvas – in favor of a work which wavers between the formal parameters of painting and sculpture. The surfaces must be understood as in a state of constant inter-penetration, pervaded like a ghost and part of a network of an exchange of substances, technology, bodies, images and the light of your eyes. The principle of the readymade and recycling also suffuse her practice; off-cuts from previous works or pre-used textiles often re-appear as motifs for new tableaus, sections of fabric are manipulated in many different ways. This oftentimes fetishising treatment of materials and a latent presence of the corporeal – sweat stains, stitches, scents, sometimes reminiscent of fashion, sometimes of scars, tough leather, hazy and light gauze fabric – manifests in objects, whose formal composition spans from symbolic exotism to stringently calculated image construction, drawing attention to seemingly incidental details.

    Anna Virnich
    was born in 1984 in Berlin where she lives and works. The most recent solo exhibitions include Geflüster, Drei, Cologne (2020); Hyperdrüse, Schering Stiftung, Berlin, and Lightning Visible, no Thunder Heard, Proyectos Monclova, Mexico City (both 2019). Recent group exhibitions took place at Akkurat Labs, Berlin (2021); Espacio artkunstarte, Madrid; Bärenzwinger Berlin (both 2020); Sammlung Philara, Düsseldorf; Hunt Kastner, Prague (both 2018)

    21.06.22 / 18:30Uhr

    Kunsthochschule Mainz
    Am Taubertsberg 6,
    D-55122 Mainz

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