• always june, Aaron Kappenberger, Ausstellungsraum Kunsthochschule

    always june, Aaron Kappenberger, Ausstellungsraum Kunsthochschule

    12/04/ – 25/04/21

    always june

    Sadly the show will be open to Kunshochschule Mainz insiders only, due to restrictions concerning the pandemic and in order with these.
    (Please contact me, in case the room is not open.)

    If you are not a student, or you are not employed at the Kunsthochschule Mainz – or you are not able to stop by –
    you are very welcome to request further information and documentation regarding the show via mail at akappenb@students.uni-mainz.de.

    ‘Sometimes I forget things or details about past events.
    I like to believe, that this is just my forgetfulness.

    There is a vivid memory of watching the news on a day in June.
    The rest is slightly blurry, I have to admit.

    My parents asking me why I am so pale and panicked.
    That, I remember.

    His face only vaguely.’

    ‘In the exhibition ‘always june’ I am showing a complex of collages, which I currently like to call ‘Oh My My Teen’. This complex refers to a significant public event, that occurred in my youth, concerning queerness* and patriarchal structures. Therefore, this show is for queer* people and allies only, in order to grant a safe space for me, to tell my story.

    The work tries to shift responsibility by centering omnipresent and therefore often overlooked systemic disparities, as well as the publicly almost forgotten and suppressed interpersonal memories and identities of a community and its individuals struggling and fighting for emancipation and sometimes loosing along the way.‘

    Ausstellungsraum der Kunsthochschule Mainz
    Am Taubertsberg 6,
    55122 Mainz

    Always june, Foto/Text 2021 ©  Aaron Kappenberger / Kunsthochschule Mainz